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Badger Cycle Specials Honda Marine Oil 10W30

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Honda Marine 10W-30 FC-W oil is approved by the national Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA) to meet the rigorous FC-W standard. It has also been tested by Honda Research and Development and certified for use in all Honda marine engines, complying with all of Honda's service and warranty requirements. Honda FC-W10W-30 Marine engine oil's advantages over automotive oils include: •Increased rust and oxidation inhibitors to fight corrosion in the marine environment •Shear stable polymers to resist viscosity breakdown under high rpm and high load conditions •Better anti-foaming characteristics to better protect the engine at high rpm •Excellent performance in High Temperature High Shear Viscosity test to ensure viscosity retention despite the fuel dilution associated with marine engines •Additional anti-wear additives for better bearing protection

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Honda Marine Oil 10W30
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